Here’s Your Phone and a Load Board. Good Luck!

A Guide For Improving Employee Churn

Freight brokerage can be a churn and burn industry - employees are hired en masse and retention rate is low.  A lot of factors contribute to this problem, but one is a lack of focus on employee development.  Often, the training and development at a brokerage consists of a brief training class, then being given a phone and a load board and told to hit a certain number of calls/day.

Unsurprisingly, brokerages have a high churn rate and new brokers often go out of business fairly quickly.

The best brokerages recognize the importance of employee development and take a much more strategic approach to developing their sales reps. 

This guide explores three core concepts:

1) Training Equals Consistency

2) Using Technology to Drive Culture 

3) Insights for Continuous Improvement